B.Pepite Blanc

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B.Pepite Blanc

Chrome-free and heavy metal-free vegetable tanning, formulated with fruit and Tara leaf extracts. Designed as a second skin for the child, the ARTISTES AMOUREUX slippers are fully lined in non-dyed and anti-allergic vegetable leather. Their flexible sole is adapted for pre-walking to protect and strengthen the feet of our little loves. Manufactured in their workshop in Casablanca, combining traditional know-how with ethical design.

Crai Studio

Shoe size
 Measurements (cm)
0m 17 10.1
6m 19  11.5
12m 21 12.8
18m 23 14.1
2y 25 15.4

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B.Pepite Blanc
B.Pepite Blanc
B.Pepite Blanc
B.Pepite Blanc